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visit beautiful Iranian garden in Iranian Garden tour.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day1

In the first day of IRANIAN Gardens TOUR Arrive at Iran , meet and greed in airport, transfer to hotel,rest & lunch . Visit Fire and water park at evening. Night at Milad tower.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day2

Full day visits of Tehran gardens include: Eynol doleh garden, Golestan  and also Mostofi –al mamalek garden. Night at Tehran.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day3

Drive to Kashan, visit Fin garden continue to Isfahan, walk in Chahar bagh. Visit Sio-se pol and Khajou historical bridges at night. Night at Isfahan.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day4

Full day visit of Isfahan include Imam mosque,Imam square,bazaar, Ali qapu and carpet bazaar. Night at Isfahan.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day5

Drive to Yazd transfer to hotel. Visit Dolat abad garden  and Moshir garden.Bazar at night. Stay over night at Yazd.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day6

Drive to Kerman, visit Fath Abad garden, Stay over night.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day7

Drive to Mahan visit Shahzade garden. Back to Kerman. Night at Kerman

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day 8

Drive to Shiraz. Transfer to hotel. Visit Qasro Dasht gardens at evening. Visit Shahcheragh at night.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day 9

Full day visit of Shirz gardens include: Delgosha garden tombs of two great poets Hafez & Sadi. Lunch in Shahpoori garden. Afif Abad garden and Eram garden. Visit Quran gate at night. Stay overnight.

IRANIAN Gardens TOUR - Day 10

Transfer to airport. Departure.

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visit beautiful Iranian garden in Iranian Garden tour.